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AMD introduces the K6 -2 3D NOW processor, codenamed Choppers, at 300, 333 and 400 MHz with support for DirectX and 100 MHz memory bus.

Intel announces the new Intel Deschutes processor. It debuts at 333 MHz and will reach a speed of 450 MHz by the end of the year. It's built on a 0.25-micron technology and use the 440BX chip-set that supports a bus frequency of at least 100 MHz.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is introduced to enable more versatile documentation and data exchange within the Web.

Compaq announce that will acquire Digital Corporation.

Intel announces plane to introduce a new chip set 440LXR and a new motherboard called Micro ATX.

The first CD-RW drive to offer 4x writing speed, the CRW 4260, came from Yamaha.

In August HP shipped its 30 millionth Laser Jet printer.

Intel's first graphics chip Intel 740 uses AGP2X and require Pentium II.

Digital Alpha 21264 at 700 to 1000 MHz built in 0.25-micron technology, with 64-bits architecture, 2x64 Kb int. cache, 128-bits memory bus, 4 instructions per cycle.

Cyrix becomes part of National Semiconductors.

IBM develops the world's smallest hard disk drive, Compact Flash Type II. It has 42.8 mm x 36.4 mm x 5 mm in size and weight 20 grams. There are two models: one version holding 170 Mb and a dual head 340 Mb.

The total number of hosts on the Internet reach 40 million.

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