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Digital introduces Alta Vista, the most advanced information search and indexing technology available for the Web.

Corel bought the desktop publishing program Ventura Publisher.

HTML version 3.

Java is first released for free downloading from the Internet. Java is a Web-oriented procedural programming language first developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems.

Navigator 2.0 and Internet Explorer 2.0 browser programs for Internet with Java support.

The first macro virus is found in a Word document.

Oracle launches Power Builder - a Rapid Application Development tool (RAD).

Astound Studio 2.0 presentation program for Windows.

Corel Print House graphics package.

Lotus Smart Suite 3.1

Novell NetWare 4 a network operating system.

Cyrix announces M1 processor. It runs at 120 MHz, has 3.3 million transistors and 0.6 micron technology.

AMD K5 processor. Runs at 75 MHz, has 4.1 million transistors and 0.35 micron technology.

AMD acquires the NexGen.

Hewlett-Packard put on the market the first Sure Store CD-Writer called 4020i.

Zip external disc drive from Iomega with 100 MB diskettes will sell over 2 million in one year.

Sony entered into the video game console market with its PlayStation video game console, the first 32-bit CD-ROM based system to hit the streets.

Intel releases the first Pentium Overdrive processor for 486 systems.

Intel Pentium 120 is the first processor to be built using 0.35 micron technology.

Intel introduces Intel 82430Fx (Triton) chip-set support for Pentium.

In October Power PC 620 processor designed for high-end users. It has 64-bit address bus, 128-bit data bus, 7 million transistors, 0.35 micron technology, and will run Mac, NT, AIX, Solaris, OS/2 and NetWare operating systems.

In November Intel launched the 6-th generation of processors called Pentium Pro (P6) at 150 and 180 MHz.

Hard Disk drives shipments for 1995 topped 86.6 million. Quantum holds 22.3 % on the market followed by Seagate with 19.3%, Western Digital 14.2%, and Conner 13.5%.

There are 67 million CD-ROM drives installed worldwide.

Intergraph own 93% of the GIS market (Geographic Information Systems).

54% of worldwide printer unit-shipments in 1995 were inkjet and 23% were laser.

Software companies for 1995:

Operating Systems market (1995):
Windows 3.x = 52 %,
Windows '95 = 22 %,
DOS = 6 %,
Unix = 2 %,
Windows NT = 1 %,
others = 17 %.
Windows '95 has sold 7 million copies in first two months following its release.

PC vendors in the US market for 1995:
2.Packard Bell,
6.Dell Computers,
8.Acer America,
10.AST Research.

There are over 14 million Internet users worldwide and 100,000 web sites.

37% of the US households have a computer.

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