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Novell, Inc. acquires Word Perfect Corp.

AIX version 4.1 is designed to comply with POSIX, XPG3, COSE and other open systems standard.

OS/2 Warp 3.0. By end of the year has sold 800,000 copies. Comes with a Bonus Pack of applications included a spreadsheet, database, facsimile and desktop conferencing software. Needs 4 Mb RAM and 35 Mb HD space.

Microsoft incorporates Visual BASIC for Application into Excel.

First version of Navigator, a standard Web browser programs.

Director 4.0 from Macromedia.

Corel Corp. ships Corel Draw 5 and Photo Paint 5.

MPEG standard movie file format for PC appeared in November.

Illustration programs installed worldwide in 1994:
Corel Draw - 1.58 mil. (91.2 % of the market),
Adobe - 74000,
Micrografix - 36700,
Deneba - 16000.

Till the end of 1994 there are 6 mil. OS/2 users worldwide.

Unix has 20% of the OS market and AIX represents 40% of the Unix market.

By end of '94 155,000 units Microstation had been sold worldwide and 180,000 copies of Cadkey.

In March Apple's Power Mac series debut, quickly becoming the leading RISC-based personal computer. Apple sold over 345,000 in first 4 months. It used Power PC 601 processor.

Commodore Int. Ltd. ceased its activity in April and transfers its assets to Commodore Electronic Ltd.

Yahoo!, the most successful search engine is founded.

Silicon Graphics introduces R8000 series of processor used in high-end systems.

Power PC 604 processor. It's 30 % faster than Power PC 601. Offers 32-bit bus, 3.6 mil. transistors, runs at 100 MHz and have 0.5 micron technology.

Digital Equipment develops Alpha AXP 21164 processor, the world fastest microprocessor. It's the first truly 64-bit processor in the world, has 9.3 mil. transistors and offers 1200 MOPS. Itís 3 times faster than Pentium 100 and faster than MIPS R8000.

In October the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is formed under the direction of Tim Berners-Lee. Its purpose is the promotion of the Web (WWW).
A person in England is tracked down by Scotland Yard and sentenced to 18 months in jail. This marks the first time a virus writer is prosecuted.

Intel holds 74% of the microprocessor market.

Hewlett Packard developed their Color Smart technology, which allows automatically creating the best output of the document.

Western Digital introduced an enhanced version of IDE called EIDE. It's 5 times faster than IDE.

AMD (Advanced Micro Device) releases its first double microprocessor for 40 MHz motherboard: AMD 486 DX2-80.

Intel Pentium 75 and Pentium 90.

Intergraph shipping the first Open GL graphic accelerator for Pentium based systems running Windows 95.

There are 29 million CD-ROM drives installed worldwide.

CPU Global markets (1994):
1. 486DX = 36.7%,
2. 486SX = 36.1%,
3. 386 = 12.1%,
4. Pentium = 4%,
5. others = 11.1%.

There are over 10,000 Web sites on the Internet.

33% of the US households have a computer.

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